Interventions & Collaborations with institutions

Interventions with Hotel 3D
A musician, illustrator (Willemijn Schellekens) and dancer/choreographer (Erik van Duijvenbode) bring a performance to the workplace across the workplace. With the performance they respond to the complex processes and issues that many organizations struggle with: How do you deal with diversity within your organization? What types of leadership are required within your organization? How do you stay innovative as an organization?
The performance offers a stepping stone to reflection and exchange on recognizable themes, stumbling blocks and solution strategies within the organizational context. The artists then offer the opportunity to follow a workshop, in which the current themes are dealt with in an experience-oriented way. The aim of attending the workshop is to research and broaden your own professional action repertoire.

Charity concert for Groene Hart hospital
Charity concert and fundraising for children’s care in hospital in Gouda. Performances with mezzo-soprano Tania Kross.